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This year was more than significant in terms of organic SEO ranking perception due to the Google algorithm change – probably the largest in a decade. It is also the year obnoxious critics proclaimed the death of SEO on a large scale, while others stood strong in the midst of it. Here’s a breakdown of […]

Google Chrome, being the world’s most popular browser, has a huge number of plugins for various tasks. All of these plugins are available free from the Chrome Web Store. Since Chrome is one of the most versatile, open-source browsers out there, many search engine optimizers use it. Here are a few Chrome plugins to help […]

The last few weeks have led to many changes with Google’s algorithm. The changes have rearranged much of the search results. Some webmasters are happy with the results, and others have seen rank plummet. If you have a significant change in Google search engine rank, you could be a part of the changes made during […]

Adaptation is the key to survival in the world of business. Companies not adapting to change and updating their services will find themselves at the bottom of the heap or out of business altogether. One could hardly blame Google for the myriad of changes it’s been rolling out this year, from AdWords changes to Penguin […]

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) offers webmasters a glimpse into how Googlebot views and crawls your website. It’s a great SEO tool, and it’s free to sign up. Google Webmaster Tool links your Google account with your websites, so you can manage all sites under one umbrella. Google Webmaster Tool shows you the number of impressions […]