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Ecommerce competition is fierce in Google. With so many competitors, eCommerce webmasters must find a way to stand out among the other related online stores. One way to stand out in search engines is the use of Google rich snippets. These structured HTML microdata components display in search engine results, and they give users an […]

The SEO landscape is an ever-shifting one, with new updates to Google’s search algorithms continually driving the development of new tactics. The search giant’s stated goal is to return the pages that readers really want to see. It claims that its search criteria have the effect of rewarding sites that offer high-value content while penalizing […]

There is a lot of confusion around search engine optimization, or SEO. Partly this is due to the genuine complexity of the subject — SEO is complicated and changes very fast — and partly it is due to the unscrupulous individuals and companies who use shady practices in an attempt to snatch a higher page […]

The world of search engine optimization is a fast-changing one and the methods that were standard just a few years ago are quite different to what they are now. Using outdated SEO methods will end up being ineffective at best or completely counterproductive at worse. Following is a brief look at the SEO practices that […]

Although some are saying that search engine optimization is dead, this is not quite true. There is no doubt; however, that what works and what do not work in SEO has changed significantly in the past few years. With Google’s algorithm updates, the world’s most popular search engine is working more like it’s powered by […]